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We offer our products that provide an extraordinary parquet experience to your liking and service with our management, employees and parquet experts.


DesignFloor ailesine katıldığım günden bu yana, pazarlama alanındaki 20 yıllık deneyimimi DesignFloor'un yenilikçi marka vizyonu ile her gün geliştiriyorum. Müşterilerimizdeki DesignFloor kalite algısının yarattığı güveni özverili çalışmamız ile birleştirerek özgün bir proje ortaklığı kuruyoruz.

Barış Demirci
Satış Pazarlama

Being the biggest problems of the private sector, wrong growth and institutionalization, makes things hard for employees the most. DesignFloor is a company that I enjoy working in with the right departmental system in which each player has a particular role.

Kürşat Yılmaz
Satış Pazarlama

I am proud to work for a company that is aware of its responsibilities towards people and nature. As part of a brand that works for sustainable production, I work with all my strength in this direction while ensuring good design, high quality products and customer satisfaction.

Ufuk sönmez
Müşteri Temsilcisi

Being a foreman requires achieving the best result within the means provided by the material. The better the materials we use, the better the results are. With DesignFloor's products, we can do our job easily without worrying. My team and I worked together with DesignFloor to deliver our work always on time and with the desired quality.

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